Most hobbies are not circumstantial. Crossdressing is not most hobbies.

For the new few days my girlfriend’s mother is visiting and staying with us. This, unfortunately, puts crossdressing on the shelf for a weekend. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

More pictures on Flickr....

More pics available on Flickr…

Here are some positive I will focus on to make the weekend go by faster. (In all likelihood, focusing on these things will actually slow the weekend to a grinding halt.)

1) Gorilla masking tape is the best cleavage creator, hands down.

2) I will be shaving my legs for the month of October – exciting!

3) When the weekend is over, it is the month of Halloween (also known as Chrosdressermas.)

4. I ordered four new pairs of shoes on Payless. They had a buy one, get one half price deal. I took advantage of it twice. (Heads up, if you ever buy shoes from Payless online do a Google search for “payless coupons” and you’re very likely to find some nice 20%-off codes.) I will gleefully post pictures of all my shoes when they arrive.

So, until Monday night, the heels are in the closet and the wig is on the shelf. Time to man up!

Cleavage! (Part Deux)

Multiple angles

Using the “Freebra”

So yesterday the FreeBra arrived in the mail, which I saw after watching the tutorial on YouTube, originally posted by Emsy. I didn’t follow the instructions exactly, choosing to use only one FreeBra, combined with my breast forms and pocketed bra.

The results, you can see, look much better than the make-up born cleavage – and it also takes much less time. The FreeBra forms (or at least the Chinese knock-offs I have) have a sticky backing that when it arrives is protected by plastic. After wearing the forms for a few hours they started to shift a bit due to sweat. When I removed them they were not as sticky as when they arrived, which I suppose is to be expected.

I washed them gently with some soap and water, which will hopefully preserve their stickiness, but if not, they’re very cheap on ebay and if needed I can order another set (or two!)

After wearing them, by the end of the night, my neck hurt from looking down so much. I honestly couldn’t believe how well they worked. Even my girlfriend, who was shocked when she saw them, was caught staring a few times. Society has raised everyone, regardless of gender, to have a built in cleavage detector.

Please note that if the pictures don’t look the greatest, it’s because I didn’t fully dress up to try this out, so obviously no wig, my chest was not 100% shaved, and some red marks from the first shave are also visible. This weekend I hope to be able to put everything together to see how it looks completed.

I still want to do an in-depth Halloween post, discussing what Halloween means to me as a crossdresser, what it might mean for closeted crossdressers and their families, and then a full pictorial breakdown of my “costume.” I will probably, wait til at least October to post it though, so to be more in the spirit when the spirit is in fact in the air.

Shave a Man’s Back, He’ll Purr Like A Walrus

The title of this post is a classic line from Family Guy, and as I learned the other day, true.

The dress I am going to wear for Halloween has a low cut back, which means I cannot use my breast form bra, as the back strap would be plainly visible. To work around this I ordered from ebay a bra with invisible straps and body adhesive, which would require a serious lack of fur.

My girlfriend gave me the okay to shave my chest and back, and with her help I was shorn. Now, I’m quite the hirsute fellow, and this was no easy process. I started by using my electric razor to trim all the hair so that it would be easier to shave. After this I hopped in the shower and shaved the rest. My girlfriend helped with the back, and just like that my loafish body looked like a slippery beached whale.

Having a clean chest after being hair for the past twelve years or so is taking some getting used to. I clearly didn’t do a very good job shaving between my man-boobs, as denoted by the various cuts and bumps now present. The end process, does, however, looks quite good – and the ability to wear any low cut shirt adds to femininity more than I would have guessed.

I’m uploading another photo, with more detail but my face blurred out. If you saw the whole thing, I swear you’d swear I looked almost demure.

Believe in the cleavage

This is how I naturally look.

I should, though, explain the cleave. Using the make-up tutorial located here I was able to create some semblance of boob. I didn’t have all the materials used in the tutorial, but I made due with what was accessible.

Overall, considering it was the first time I’ve attempted art on my chest – I’d say it was a success.

I’m other news, add another to the list of people I’ve told. This one was a bit more daring. A friend of mine who is quite liberal in talk, but still acts conservative when presented with some real-life situations.

Initially he did not believe me – he thought I was pulling some sort of massive joke. I showed him some pictures, and he still wasn’t sure if he was being punk’d. It took another friend, who knew, to confirm to him the truth.

He is okay with everything, but was definitely weirded out. He said it is hard to learn something so new and important about someone you’ve known for so long. I suppose that’s fair to say – if I was presented with a similar situation I might take some time to adjust. I don’t think our friendship is going to change, but it’s up to him to determine the role he plays in my life while I am dressed.

A few other purchases I want to make note of:

  1. Bought a few jackets and shirts. One of shirts is a long dressy shirt with buttons in the middle. It is VERY tough to button – not a lot of stretch room around the shoulders. I can button it all, but it prevents me from lifting my arms, and the space in between the buttons gets held open. I thought it was just me, but my girlfriend, who is quite normal sized, has a similar problem with the shirt. Welcome to the wonderful world of women’s clothing.
  2. Bought a new wig – this one is half-human/half-synthetic. A cyborg wig, if you will. This will have less sheen and hopefully not tangle as much. In addition, I purchased a styrofoam head to go with it this time. For my current wig I withheld because I didn’t want to leave it out in the open all the time. I see, though, how tangled it gets, even when I store it delicately, so I’m going to have to find some place to put it.
  3. The dress I want to wear on halloween is like a low boat neck top. American Apparel sells the same dress with a V-neck too. I kind of really want to purchase the V-neck one now, with my new found cleavage skills. We’ll see.
  4. I have a few other things coming in the next few days – boots, another jacket, hopefully a better invisible strapped bra….. The purchases will have to stop soon, though, as it’s back to work for me.

That’s all I have to say for now. When the new wig arrives I’ll post some pictures of it, perhaps with a more detailed Halloween dress themed post.