Runway Updates

Hello again! I’m back, with a new computer to boot. Some new clothes too. I don’t yet have Photoshop on this computer, so I’m unable to edit my photos to my liking. I did, however, put this collage together in MS Paint. It will have to do for now.

Three different outfits

Three different outfits

The first dress is a long turquoise dress, with a v-cowl-neck. The kind of dress you’d wear out to a nice dinner, or to opera. I think. I’ve never been to the opera.

The second dress is a one-piece shirt/ruched-mini-skirt. I love the zipper in the back – I’ve never had any zip back dresses before. The glasses I bought at a street fair this summer and had completely forgotten about. They work well with this outfit, though. At first, my girlfriend said I looked like a 70s movie star, but then she said I looked like my mom. I’m not sure which is worse.

The third outfit is a belted wool turtle-neck. It’s not as form-fitting as I thought it would be, but it’s comfy to wear. I think it would look better with a big black belt, but alas, I don’t have any.

In non-clothing events, I do want to apologize for the majority of my posts recently fitting into the “Vain” category. I haven’t had the time desired, or the urge, to post anything too thoughtful recently. The thoughts are there, but the effort isn’t.

There was a post on r/crossdressing the other day that linked to an article about a college student who was raped while crossdressing. The student, who had been in the process of hazing to enter a fraternity, was not a crossdresser in the truest sense of the word. The college put out a statement, sugggesting that student’s not crossdress, as it invites trouble.

I commented on the thread about how, despite the tragedy of the event itself, the real issue is not the rape itself, but the issues around it.

1) Hazing should be illegal in all senses – why is this still an issue?

2) The college suggesting that crossdressing is the problem, and not the rape itself. Blame the victim, brilliant.

3) The fact that an alternative lifestyle like crossdressing can be thought of as something for hazing. That would be like if the fraternity said the student should, “dress gay” or “dress mormon.” You shouldn’t be using the culture as a form of mockery.

I thought my post was fairly sensible, although perhaps a little too insensitive of the rape itself. (I was apologetic, but I said it was not the main issue to be addressed.) The post was promptly down-voted by other redditors, without any explanation.

I don’t know what the problem was – no one commented about the down votes. At this point, there are actually 5 upvotes and 4 down, so somewhere somebody has agreed with me. You can read the full post here. I think the article itself is down, however.

That rant being said, a few more things:

  1. I really liked how my pictures came out tonight. I love all of my new clothes, and I’m getting better with make up.
  2. There are more posts coming on serious things – re-analyzing the word “transgender” being one of them.
  3. I still want to venture outside to real-things. I was in the city the other night and I realized that a) no one pays attention to anyone and b) there are a million people who are crazier than me out there.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their December. I believe it’s time to think of some crossdressing New Years’ resolutions…

(Edit – Also! I posted about 35 new pictures on Flickr – so check them out! Remember – friend me first, so I can friend you back – otherwise there’s nothing to see.)

Thanksgiving Fashion Show

Hello all! I’m in a great mood tonight. Thanksgiving break has arrived, and with it a number of my favorite things.

Thanksgiving with my family is always great. Usually my parents would host, but due to Sandy that’s not in the cards this year. Instead, we’re all heading out to an aunt and uncle for delicious meals and political “discussion.”

The real treat, though, is the day after Thanksgiving – in which all my friends get together for a pot-luck dinner. The only rule – you can’t bring anything that would be found at the Thanksgiving table. This is our ninth annual celebration and my girlfriend and I are hosting this year.

What makes me really excited about this is that, after looking at the guest list, almost all of the 17 RSVPs know that I crossdress at this point. The ones that don’t? It’s only because I haven’t had the chance to tell them. Does this mean I’m going to crossdress at the party…. well… at the moment, let’s say no. But nothing is set in stone, and you’ll see why later.

In addition, this break also brings a good friend’s birthday party, and a trip to MetLife Stadium to see the Giants play the Packers. My girlfriend is a Packers fan, and I don’t really care who wins, so either way it should be a good time.

The reasoniest reason that I’m in a good mood though? Clothes arrived! Last week when I was feeling down, and need to motivate myself to get some work-work done, I decided to go on a motivational shopping spree. I heard about a clothing site called Venus and saw a lot of really great looking, mostly affordable things. Here are the results, one at a time.

Red Dress

Sweater Dress

First down the aisle is a dark maroon v-nek sweater dress, along with high black boots. You might notice that I’m wearing another wig – this is actually the first real wig I ever got – for some reason I felt inspired to wear it tonight. I think I’m falling in love with it again. I later switched to my lower, my velvety slouch boots. I think they look better with the wool. Also, please ignore my hairy hand.

Ruched Skirt, Bow Neckline Top

Ruched Skirt, Bow Top

Now we have what I’m calling my “going to work” outfit. It’s classy and just a little bit sexy. The skirt is quite slimming, and the neckline of the shirt has a cute built in bow. I also now have something to wear my heels with! In addition, my butt looks quite good in the skirt, which is always a plus.

Belted Sweater

Belted Sweater

Last, but certainly not least we have the belted-sweater. You’ll notice the woven collar, and the built-in-belt. The dress can be worn with jeans (pictured) or leggings and does a wonderful job hugging all curves. The boots are the aforementioned slouch boots, which pretty much look good with anything.

So there you have it – my Thanksgiving fashion show. I’m undoubtedly going to be making many more purchases from Venus, and I think, after seeing this pictures, I don’t have to defend myself. Something about these outfits (whether it’s mental or physical, I don’t know) makes me feel really good about myself. So good, in fact, that I’m almost tempted to wear either outfit 1 or 3 to my Pot Luck Thanksgiving with friends on Friday. It’s unlikely, but time will tell. I need to run the idea by a few people first.

Also please note, there are a lot more pictures on Flickr. As you can tell, I had a really good time wearing these outfits, so it’s only natural that I wanted a lot of pictures. Do remember – you can only see them if you add me as a friend. Then I have to add you back. I will not add anyone who has a brand new account that provides ZERO information. This is to avoid the potential of one of my students stumbling upon the blog and trying to access my pictures. I hope that’s understandable.

That all being said – go be thankful. Especially if you’re a fellow crossdresser, because there isn’t anyone as awesome as we are.

Chrossdressmas, Part 3: *Some Assembly Required

This is the third part of my Chrossdressmas series, which goes into way too much detail about my love affair with Halloween, as a crossdresser. The first two parts of the series deal with my past experiences on Halloween, and what Halloween means to me as a crossdresser. With the third installment, I will discuss this year’s Halloween costume and how it came to be. Let’s begin.



She’s more muscular than I am

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I began thinking about Halloween in July, as soon as I came out of the crossdressing closet. Within a week of telling my girlfriend I had a folder in my bookmarks that was filled with a number of different crossdressing ideas.

My first plan was Supergirl – one of the few female superheros with long sleeves. This costume could be put together pretty easily, but wasn’t very do-it-yourself, which is something I prefer in a Halloween costume. I still like the idea of a Supergirl costume, but I decided it wouldn’t work this year. Now that I was out, I wanted to do something that could show off how successfully I could do it. (This is debatable, opinions to yourself please.)

Costume: Dress

6pm Dress

Nice, but not curvy enough.

I moved on from Supergirl to simply “classy Halloween dress.” I knew I wanted it to focus on the colors black and orange, and I also wanted it to show off some of my curves. I narrowed it down to three different dresses, and eventually purchased a dress from The dress, pictured left, arrived, and was quite nice, but in the end I decided it didn’t do enough for my end. If it’s Halloween I’m going for wow.

From here, I moved onto to American Apparel, which I now known is known for selling clothes that fit better on trendy hipsters. I am not a trendy hipster. I did however, purchase a dress from them, that was revealing and showed off curves. I loved the plunging neckline in the back and front. (Note – the dress I purchased was in black, not sure what color that link actually goes to…) The only problem with the dress? With my breastforms, the bra is necessary and it shows quite obviously along the back. I’d met with failure once more.

Fortunately, American Apparel has a very similar dress, which I posted a picture of earlier from their site. The is short, black, with a plunging v-neck and a high back. It’s just a bit longer than the original American Apparel dress and it looks like this.

The Final Dress

This Is It

So at the moment, less than a week before my Halloween party this is the dress I’ve settled on. Plans can still change, though. I still like the 6pm dress, and if it wasn’t for the back of the first American Apparel dress, that would be my choice. I do have an invisible strap bra, but it doesn’t work very well with my breastforms and it isn’t very supportive. I’ve still got time to figure things out, though.

Costume: Belt

The costume, of course, needs some black and orange, and what better way to include some orange than with a waist cinching belt?

Finding a decent orange belt has not been easy. I’ve gone through three different belts, and finally the third belt is the one I’ve settled on.


Not Orange Snakes

The first belt has a bit of an orange and white weave, and just didn’t feel right. It looks a little bit too springy, and it didn’t close very strongly. A cheap belt off of ebay, and ultimately a mistake. The second belt is too short and too skinny – also very cheaply made.

The third belt is essentially a larger version of the second belt. I didn’t want a skinny belt – I didn’t like the way it looked. This ended up being the right call, as the thicker belt looks much better with the dress. In addition, it fits much better. It’s crazy how different sizing a belt for myself en homme and en femme can be.

Costume: Shoes

Just like everything else, my shoes for this costume has gone through phases. This one will probably come down to a decision on the day of the Halloween party.

The first shoes I ever bought myself were cute little Mary Janes from Payless. I thought this would be functional, and also an option for Halloween. This is still the case, but this was all before my mini-obsession with boots. The next option is my calf-high black boots. These look good with just about anything, and love the idea of a short dress and high boots. These are probably my top choice right around now. I also purchased my first pair of heels as an option for the costume…. but I also realize heels are extremely uncomfortable, even if they’re considered the comfortable heels.

All Shoes

All Shoes

No matter which decision I make, I’m pretty confident they’ll look alright.

Costume: Jewlery

For necklace, I think I’ll be wearing a cute black choker that belongs to my girlfriend. For earrings? Check this out:


Trick or Treat

The earrings are from Ashla Designs on etsy. Do note – I ordered the earrings as clip-ons and they were sent as regular earrings. I contacted the maker, and she’s sending me replacements, and an extra pair of clip-ons to apologize for the inconvenience. Once the replacements arrive, I will have no problem giving etsy and Ashla Designs my vote of confidence (and high seller marks.) Very good customer service, and awesome looking earrings. Win-win.

I also have an orange flower hair-clip from Claire’s that I’m excited about trying out. Forgot to snap a picture of it – sorry!

Costume: Make-Up

Orange lipstick, dark eye-shadow. I considered finding a place to get my make-up done professionally, but I can’t find anything extremely local, or anything fairly cheap. I’ll do the make-up myself, or perhaps get a friend to help me out. We’ll see.

Everything else for the make-up will be pretty typical. I’m going to get a professional shave a few hours before hand, so hopefully I’ll be able to more successfully hide any stubble.


That about sums up my costume. Finished pictures will obviously be posted next weekend after the party. I’m excited to try everything out all once… I’m also very nervous about dressing up around a lot of people who have never seen me dressed up before. I’ll go into much more detail with that next week, though, as part four of my Halloween expose is about my non-dressing plans for Halloween. This will talk much more in-depth about who I will probably be coming out to, how I’m going to do it, and how ridiculously nervous I am.

All in the name of crossdressing!

Now, though, it’s time to try out my new wig. Wearing it en homme I just look like a confuses samurai.

For the Record

A thought occurred to me, so I wanted to clear things up.

No, I am not a crossdressing bear. I just thought it sounded funny. Also, crossdressing is by no means a burden – you just have to be careful where you put the emphasis on great.

With that said, happenings have happened! Where to begin?

As of today, excluding me, four people know I crossdress.

1. My girlfriend – she was not, however, the first to know.

2. A good friend (male) – he actually inspired me to tell my girlfriend. We had dinner one night when both of our girlfriends were out – we kind of promised that we’d each tell our respective gal pals our deep dark secrets. (He is not a crossdresser, and no, I won’t tell you his secret.)

3. His girlfriend – and here is where I interlude with a story…

On Saturday night I had planned on going out to get a drink or two with my aforementioned good friend. Knowing full well he would call me, I en femmed. The call came, and I suggested he come over, with his girlfriend, alerting him I was now a she. He thought I was drunk and said he would call me back.

Moments later the phone rings, now more composed, he asked me to restate what I had just said. I explained that I was dressed up, with my girlfriend and I wanted him and his to come on over. He recalled to me that his girlfriend does not know about my escapades, to which I was well aware, and I told him to tell her. They would come.

I freshened up my lip gloss, and began to tremble. No one, besides the GF had seen me dressed up before. She calmed me down and promised nothing bad would happen.

The doorbell rings, and I answer (stepping foot into the hallway of our apartment – farther out the door than ever before. I let the two of them in and it was done. The night went well, my friend acting slightly strange, but not out of the ordinary, and his girlfriend was cool as a cucumber. When I asked how they thought some other friends would react, my friend’s girlfriend told me that they will be okay with it because they are good friends and good friends want you to be happy. Wisdom indeed.

That brings me to number four.

4. Another friend (female, bisexual) – I only emphasize the bisexual here because it was an important factor in deciding to tell her. I knew she would be okay with everything. I suppose that’s playing it safe on my part, but baby steps, my friends.

In other news, the spending continues. Someone needs to take away my credit card. Bought a sweater and dress/shirt thing the other day. Also a few things for Halloween that I will detail in its own post once everything has arrived.

Yesterday evening my shoes arrived – you can see them here. I had ordered the wide width calf per my girlfriend’s suggestion. Unfortunately they were a bit too wide. Conundrum. Initially, I had asked my girlfriend if she would bring them to the store and exchange the size 12Ws for a size 12, despite her being a size 7. She agreed. That night, though, I couldn’t sleep – I didn’t want to make her have to do that for me (she’s done enough already, really.) I took the shoes myself this afternoon and exchanged them. No awkward stares, no comments. Yes, I’m pretty sure everyone within a ten foot radius was thinking, “who’s the queer with the huge boots?” but perhaps that’s only in my head. Regardless, exchange was made and I did it myself. I think that deserves something.

I drove home in the boots, unwilling to wait to put them on. This I suppose is the crossdresser equivalent of the kid who finds all his hidden Christmas presents weeks before Christmas. (Yes, I was that kid – Hanukkah, though.)

The boots, along with my super skinny jeans from Old Navy look great. Maybe I’ll post a lower body image later – or something with my face blurred out. I want to post a picture – at some point – I just don’t think it’s a good idea. Yet.

Before I wrap this up, one quick anecdote! The other day I joined a meetup group for crossdressers in NYC. I had to post a picture to be accepted to the group – this was okay – it’s private. Today I got an e-mail from a tranny admirer vaguely propositioning me for…. things.

Wow! In all my years as a guy I can only think of two or three times I’ve been even hit on – but this was something else. Three days with one en femme picture online and already I’m invited over to a guys house. Creepy, and just a little bit flattering.

That’s all for now – goodnight!