Adventure Time

I did it!!!!!

I went outside dressed! Victory achieved!!!

A number of things had to fall into place just right for this to occur, none of them actually planned.

1. The weather – it was rainy most of today. This is important for two reasons. My after-work hours were supposed to be spent today helping to build a float with the tenth graders in the school where I work. Unfortunately for them, and fortunately for me, a float cannot be built in the rain, as the tissue paper flowers would be destroyed upon raindrop impact. I’ll get to the second reason the weather was important in a bit.

2. Arriving home about three hours earlier than intended, I had some time to kill. Naturally, my mind wandered towards dressing up. As it is Tuesday, I initially had plans to get wings with one of my friends (who knows about Justine.) He cancelled on the meal, but still wanted to hang out at his place to watch some Doctor Who. His cancellation and my free time make-up what will be known as the second part of “perfect coincidence” day.

3. The weather again – If I dressed up, despite knowing I had plans I would be too guilty to cancel them. The rain provided me with an opportunity, though. Umbrella = shield. I mapped out a route to my friend’s apartment where I would pass the least amount of people, and whenever someone did pass I could hide myself under the umbrella. Still feeling chicken, I texted my friend and had him meet me at my apartment after he got off the subway, so we could walk to his place together.

So – there it is. I did it! Sure, the walk was only about a quarter mile, and I had the security of the umbrella, but none the less, it’s a first step. My girlfriend picked me up a few hours later on her way home from work. The walk back from parking was under bright construction lights, but no one was actually around. I guess that’s kind of like daylight.

Now that I’ve done it once I’ll want to do it again. It was exhilarating. Not nearly as terrifying as I expected. I don’t think I got any second looks from the dozen people I did pass by, but if I did, fuck ’em.

With that all said and done, I believe it’s time for sleep. Like today’s unpredictable adventure, you know never know what tomorrow holds.