Fun With Filters


Photo Apps Are Fun

Cheap apps are fun. Just messing around with a new filter app. Props to Paper Camera, which you can find on the Google App store (and probably elsewhere, too.) This is probably the clearest picture I’ll post on here. Also note, there are some new photos are Flickr. Just remember to add me as a contact, and I’ll add you back so you can see the pictures.


Here’s something!

Want to see all of the photos from my blog unblurred, plus some other photos?

Just friend me on Flickr, located here. I’ll try to accept as quickly as possible. I know it seems kind of dumb, maybe even a little bit patronizing, but I will remind you, I probably shouldn’t risk posting unblurred photos in the open. This will have to do for now. Ask me again about it June 2014.

Meanwhile….. I’m dressed now… I didn’t plan on it…. but I had the house to myself for a few hours. These things just kind of happen. Oh well!

(edit – note: you have to be signed in to your account to add a contact.)