Happy Chrossdressmas!


More Pics on Flickr

Hello all! I know, I’m past due for an update, and the last two parts of my Crossdressing on Halloween post collection. They’ll come soon. A bit exhausted right now, from running a 10 mile race yesterday, and hosting a Halloween party. There are way more pictures on Flickr¬†for mutual contacts – you add me, I’ll add you ASAP.

For now, though, I’m going to sit back, eat some pizza and enjoy the fact that inclement weather has closed my school for tomorrow. The only people that want school closed more than the students? The teachers.

Enjoy your Halloweekend, all!




  • Taking a walk around the block, dressed, with your girlfriend, is the most wonderful feeling in the world.
  • Crossdressing is more competitive than I thought before I started – every time I think I’ve done a good job with something, I see someone else has done it waaaay better.
  • Payless UGG knock-offs are awesome and comfortable. And look great with leggings.
  • I have a new lace-front wig coming in the mail soon. Not quite sure how it works, but I’m hoping it has more styling options than my current wig. Does anyone know if it’s possible for a human-blend wig to get split ends?
  • Halloween costume is coming together nicely. Going to need some gorrila tape to keep some articles of clothing in place. Expect a pictorial Halloween costume themed post this weekend.
  • I took a great picture tonight, that I wish I could post unblurred – the below will have to do, though. The clear photo, and more, can be found on Flickr. (Contacts only – add me and I’ll add you.)
  • Number of propositions received since I started crossdressing: 3.
  • Number of propositions received in over twenty-five years of male form: 0 (not including girlfriend or exes.)
New Necklace

If you squint, it looks kind of clear.

A few more days until the weekend! Looking forward to a relaxing weekend of crossdressing, football and pizza.


Here’s something!

Want to see all of the photos from my blog unblurred, plus some other photos?

Just friend me on Flickr, located here. I’ll try to accept as quickly as possible. I know it seems kind of dumb, maybe even a little bit patronizing, but I will remind you, I probably shouldn’t risk posting unblurred photos in the open. This will have to do for now. Ask me again about it June 2014.

Meanwhile….. I’m dressed now… I didn’t plan on it…. but I had the house to myself for a few hours. These things just kind of happen. Oh well!

(edit – note: you have to be signed in to your account to add a contact.)