Secret Crossdressing Tip #1


Not Secret Crossdressing

Having a rough week? Not enough time for crossdressing in your daily routine? Here’s a helpful tip to hopefully make your day a little more femme.

Secret Crossdressing Tip #1 Wear leggings underneath jeans. Not only do you get the snugness of the leggings, but a bonus of added warmth during the colder months. Panties beneath the leggings are an obvious requisite, in case you didn’t know.

After tonight’s secret crossdressing excursion, I definitely need to incorporate leggings into my ensemble more often. They’re comfortable, trendy and keep me warm. The only problem – can’t show off my shaved legs. Such are the tough decisions of a first-world crossdresser. It’s a hard life.

(After re-reading this I want to clarify – these are not secret tips about crossdressing, but rather how to crossdress in secret. I couldn’t think of a clear way to clarify. And saying “In-Secret Crossdressing Tips” sounded weird. I think too much about these things.)