Still Alive

Survived the one-day-perhaps future mother-in-law long weekend, sans lady-clothes. Huzzah!

Very busy week coming up, and I’m terribly exhausted, but I felt obligated to provide some sort of update. Here it is, in list-form.

1. Legs have been shaved! Shorn might be a better word, considering how hairy I am…. or was. This all just happened about an hour ago, before sleep, and it deserves a longer update, but for now, I’ll leave you with this. Shave your legs and go under a soft bed sheet. It is amazing – I don’t think I’ve ever felt anything like it. (Thanks to the girlfriend for this little secret.)

2. Shoes arrived! High black boots, low brown boots, cute comfy shoes, and heels for Halloween. I’ll post pictures in another future post.

3. It is October! The month of Chrosdressmas, otherwise known as Halloween. I want to make Halloween a month-long celebration. Over the course of the next few weeks expect posts on:

  • Halloweens past, present and future.
  • What Halloween means to me as a crossdresser
  • The evolution of this years Halloween costume
  • My non-costume plans for Halloween
  • (In November) How Halloween went

4. Now that some of the euphoria of crossdressing has worn off, I’ve been questioning myself much more than I used to. I want to better understand why I crossdress and this has led to some ruminations that I’d like to discuss further.

So, the October agenda has been set into motion! Unfortunately I don’t¬†foresee¬†myself having time to dress until this Friday at the earliest, so keep a look out for the next post and some pictures late Friday night or perhaps Saturday afternoon. Until then, stay crossy. (Wow, did I just say that?)