The Sometimes Mommy

I don’t have children, but when I do, I know that my crossdressing is definitely going to be a hot button issue.

Now is not the time for me to make any decisions about what role crossdressing will have in my or my children’s life when the issue arises. That doesn’t stop me from thinking about it from time to time, though, and today I had an idea.

There are a number of books for children with one parent, no parents, or same-sex parents, but I don’t think there are any for kids with crossdressing parent(s). That’s where this comes in:

The Sometimes Mommy

The Sometimes Mommy

The Sometimes Mommy is a children’s book I will one day write that will help children understand why their father crossdresses. It will deal with issues such as the child’s involvement in the crossdressing, the role the parent has when crossdressing, and how children can (should they choose) explain their parents crossdressing to other people.

Obviously I haven’t written the book yet, but when I do, expect it to be a huge hit. There will probably be a number of en femme book signings, day time talk show interviews and an adult companion-book. This will spin-off into a TV show (sitcom or children’s cartoon), coffee table book, and eventually a movie starring some as-of-yet-not-casted SNL pretty boy who is now trying to make it in the movie business. (The film will probably flop, but I will clash with the director over creative differences.)

Pat Robertson, if he is still alive, will condemn me to hell. Upon his death, it will be revealed that he was a closted crossdresser.

In all seriousness, should I be blogging X number of years from now, I’ll probably write ad nauseum about the subject. For now, you’ll just have to settle with a clip-art cover of The Sometimes Mommy.