Most hobbies are not circumstantial. Crossdressing is not most hobbies.

For the new few days my girlfriend’s mother is visiting and staying with us. This, unfortunately, puts crossdressing on the shelf for a weekend. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

More pictures on Flickr....

More pics available on Flickr…

Here are some positive I will focus on to make the weekend go by faster. (In all likelihood, focusing on these things will actually slow the weekend to a grinding halt.)

1) Gorilla masking tape is the best cleavage creator, hands down.

2) I will be shaving my legs for the month of October – exciting!

3) When the weekend is over, it is the month of Halloween (also known as Chrosdressermas.)

4. I ordered four new pairs of shoes on Payless. They had a buy one, get one half price deal. I took advantage of it twice. (Heads up, if you ever buy shoes from Payless online do a Google search for “payless coupons” and you’re very likely to find some nice 20%-off codes.) I will gleefully post pictures of all my shoes when they arrive.

So, until Monday night, the heels are in the closet and the wig is on the shelf. Time to man up!