Casual Updates

So much tell everyone regarding the weeks following my transformation session, but it’s late, so I’m going to be quick.

Halloween – I was Little Red Riding Hood, while my fiancee was the Big Bad Wolf. Totally rocked it, and told a number of people (quite clearly) about the role crossdressing plays in my life. Felt good.

Casual – I’ve been doing a lot more casual/hidden-in-plain-sight dressing lately. Leggings beneath jeans, underwear, painted toe nails. It’s easy to do, and makes me happy.

New Wig – I couldn’t get over how much I liked the long-hair pictures from the transformation session, so I bought my own long hair wig. It arrived this week, but I didn’t get a chance to try it on until today. It’s a little bit browner than I thought I was getting, but after playing around with it, and wearing half the day, I think I have it under control. Here’s a pic of the wig, front and back.


front and back

Overall, I think the short wigs do a better job of shaping my face, but there’s nothing like having long hair to play with and style. The brown hue is also growing on me.

In case anyone was curious, there are about 40 pictures from the transformation on flickr. At some point I will edit a few to make my postable here, but they’re worth creating a flickr account for, because his make-up job is fantastic. I can’t wait to go back.

I want to update a bit more frequently going forward, but easier said than done. Until next time!

2 comments on “Casual Updates

  1. i’m so impressed by your honesty and openness, justine. i think it’s very brave of you to be open with the world about who you are. sorry c and i weren’t more curious last halloween, we hadn’t been there the previous two years to notice the pattern. we think it’s awesome that you are out and free to be yourself.

  2. PENELOPE says:


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