Still Here….

Still here…. this is just a placeholder until I have time for a real update. Hopefully soon. It’s been too long. Hopefully this weekend I’ll find some time to relax…. Be back soon!

Runway Updates

Hello again! I’m back, with a new computer to boot. Some new clothes too. I don’t yet have Photoshop on this computer, so I’m unable to edit my photos to my liking. I did, however, put this collage together in MS Paint. It will have to do for now.

Three different outfits

Three different outfits

The first dress is a long turquoise dress, with a v-cowl-neck. The kind of dress you’d wear out to a nice dinner, or to opera. I think. I’ve never been to the opera.

The second dress is a one-piece shirt/ruched-mini-skirt. I love the zipper in the back – I’ve never had any zip back dresses before. The glasses I bought at a street fair this summer and had completely forgotten about. They work well with this outfit, though. At first, my girlfriend said I looked like a 70s movie star, but then she said I looked like my mom. I’m not sure which is worse.

The third outfit is a belted wool turtle-neck. It’s not as form-fitting as I thought it would be, but it’s comfy to wear. I think it would look better with a big black belt, but alas, I don’t have any.

In non-clothing events, I do want to apologize for the majority of my posts recently fitting into the “Vain” category. I haven’t had the time desired, or the urge, to post anything too thoughtful recently. The thoughts are there, but the effort isn’t.

There was a post on r/crossdressing the other day that linked to an article about a college student who was raped while crossdressing. The student, who had been in the process of hazing to enter a fraternity, was not a crossdresser in the truest sense of the word. The college put out a statement, sugggesting that student’s not crossdress, as it invites trouble.

I commented on the thread about how, despite the tragedy of the event itself, the real issue is not the rape itself, but the issues around it.

1) Hazing should be illegal in all senses – why is this still an issue?

2) The college suggesting that crossdressing is the problem, and not the rape itself. Blame the victim, brilliant.

3) The fact that an alternative lifestyle like crossdressing can be thought of as something for hazing. That would be like if the fraternity said the student should, “dress gay” or “dress mormon.” You shouldn’t be using the culture as a form of mockery.

I thought my post was fairly sensible, although perhaps a little too insensitive of the rape itself. (I was apologetic, but I said it was not the main issue to be addressed.) The post was promptly down-voted by other redditors, without any explanation.

I don’t know what the problem was – no one commented about the down votes. At this point, there are actually 5 upvotes and 4 down, so somewhere somebody has agreed with me. You can read the full post here. I think the article itself is down, however.

That rant being said, a few more things:

  1. I really liked how my pictures came out tonight. I love all of my new clothes, and I’m getting better with make up.
  2. There are more posts coming on serious things – re-analyzing the word “transgender” being one of them.
  3. I still want to venture outside to real-things. I was in the city the other night and I realized that a) no one pays attention to anyone and b) there are a million people who are crazier than me out there.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their December. I believe it’s time to think of some crossdressing New Years’ resolutions…

(Edit – Also! I posted about 35 new pictures on Flickr – so check them out! Remember – friend me first, so I can friend you back – otherwise there’s nothing to see.)