Cleavage! (Part Deux)

Multiple angles

Using the “Freebra”

So yesterday the FreeBra arrived in the mail, which I saw after watching the tutorial on YouTube, originally posted by Emsy. I didn’t follow the instructions exactly, choosing to use only one FreeBra, combined with my breast forms and pocketed bra.

The results, you can see, look much better than the make-up born cleavage – and it also takes much less time. The FreeBra forms (or at least the Chinese knock-offs I have) have a sticky backing that when it arrives is protected by plastic. After wearing the forms for a few hours they started to shift a bit due to sweat. When I removed them they were not as sticky as when they arrived, which I suppose is to be expected.

I washed them gently with some soap and water, which will hopefully preserve their stickiness, but if not, they’re very cheap on ebay and if needed I can order another set (or two!)

After wearing them, by the end of the night, my neck hurt from looking down so much. I honestly couldn’t believe how well they worked. Even my girlfriend, who was shocked when she saw them, was caught staring a few times. Society has raised everyone, regardless of gender, to have a built in cleavage detector.

Please note that if the pictures don’t look the greatest, it’s because I didn’t fully dress up to try this out, so obviously no wig, my chest was not 100% shaved, and some red marks from the first shave are also visible. This weekend I hope to be able to put everything together to see how it looks completed.

I still want to do an in-depth Halloween post, discussing what Halloween means to me as a crossdresser, what it might mean for closeted crossdressers and their families, and then a full pictorial breakdown of my “costume.” I will probably, wait til at least October to post it though, so to be more in the spirit when the spirit is in fact in the air.

3 comments on “Cleavage! (Part Deux)

  1. pi314chron says:


    What’s a few “red marks” among friends! You look stunning! I look forward to seeing your Halloween “costume” even more than I looked forward to free candy as a child. You ARE, in fact, “eye candy,” intellect, and venturesome spirit rolled into one VERY pleasing package.

    You go, girl! …er…man!


  2. jessxdress says:

    I picked up one of these a year ago and am quite pleased with the performance as Cleavage is awesome.

  3. “my neck hurt from looking down so much”….lol

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