Hello, Internet. I’ve been avoiding you. No – not really. Just very busy.

Work has started and is in full swing, and like I predicted earlier, there would be less time for Justine than in those wonderful summer months. My intent for the weekend was to come home from work, relax, blog and then probably dress up on Saturday – I wouldn’t be so exhausted. Plans change in an instant, sometimes.

My grandfather passed away this morning – this was quite expected, but I am still very sad. I don’t want to dwell on this in this blog, however I will touch upon it as it is slightly relevant. Initially, and perhaps selfishly, I thought about how this now wouldn’t be a good weekend for crossdressing. Who wants to dress up when they’re sad? Crossdressing is a happy experience, not to be marred with death. I’ve thought about those early sentiments, though, and decided that if crossdressing is to be part of my life, it will be so no matter the circumstance. I should be able to dress up and blog – I don’t stop any other habits for a death in the family. I can pay my respects and still dress up on my own time.

In an odd way, I also think that my grandpa might have been supportive, or at least okay with my crossdressing. When my siblings and I were little, he would whoosh us away from family gatherings and dress us up in ridiculous outfits to make everyone else laugh. I don’t think he ever had any of us crossdressed, but he was certainly a fan of the avant garde.

I wanted to write a post today about my crossdressing routine. In My Husband Betty, Helen Boyd mentions that her husband, at least the the beginning of his crossdressing, adhered to a strict “routine” – that is – crossdressing preparation and processed in a certain order. I don’t know about other crossdressers, but I certainly have a routine that I follow, and I’m curious to know if it’s anything like what other girls do.

0a. Shower – If I’m dirty or it’s been a long day a shower beforehand is always a good idea.

0b. Shave chest – only if I’m going to be wearing something low cut…. which nowadays I usually am.

1. Shave face – I like to shave before I do anything else. Once I’m dressed up, I don’t want to risk getting shaving cream on any clothes.

2. Tuck – Initially I hated tucking – I couldn’t do it very well and it was uncomfortable. Over time I’ve gotten better at it. Now it only takes quick second and I don’t even notice it. I use a gaff after tucking to keep everything in place securely.

3. Hip/Rear pads – self explanatory, I think.

4. Waist cincher – Last Halloween I dressed up as a hipster chick – this was before I was out to anyone. Before I chose hipster chick, my original idea was to dress as my girlfriend – which gave me the leeway to buy cheap butt pads. The pads were part of a waist cincher that worked amazingly well – better than the pads, actually. After buying nice pads, I cut the padding off of the old Halloween pair, so I could still use the cincher. Works great.

5. Spanx – this is a fairly new edition, but I sometimes like to use spanx that go from my upper tight to my waist. It smooths over everything else underneath.

6. Underwear – Probably not necessary after the aforementioned layers, but a favorite I wouldn’t give up.

7a. Freebra (if I want cleavage)

7b. Breast forms

8. Dressing up – I used to put on my make up before I got dressed. This was a terrible idea as I ruined collar after collar putting on shirts with a made up face. My girlfriend wisely suggested that I dress up first, and then do make up. Brilliant.

9. Make up – applied in the following order: concealer, foundation, powder, blush, eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, lip stick/gloss.

10. Jewelery – usually earrings and a necklace.

11. Wig – the finishing touch, which I believe adds more to the illusion than anything else. The icing on the cake, I suppose.

So yes, you could call me meticulous. What can I say? If it works, don’t try to fix it. There are, of course, minor things that change from time to time – but this is pretty much how it goes. Also note that following dressing up, I usually wind up preening for way too long. It’s funny, because in guy mode I couldn’t care less about preening, but I suppose that’s how it is when you’re a crossdresser.

As the ocean ripples filter across my face.

From a few weeks ago

I think, after finishing writing, that blogging was a good idea.  It got my mind of things for a bit, and just the idea that I can semi-openly blog about crossdressing is a happy thing. I haven’t dressed up in about a week now, unfortunately, but I will leave you all with a picture from a few weeks ago until there is time for another dressing.


One comment on “Construction

  1. pi314chron says:


    Only a brief note to express my condolences in the loss of your grandfather. May you be strengthened by the memories you have of him and by your spiritual convictions. Your blog is, as always, excellent and extremely helpful for all who crossdress. Thank you for following my own efforts and for giving me inspiration and hope.

    Randa Lane

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