About Me

Hello World!

An introduction: I am a twenty-something crossdresser currently residing somewhere in NYC. You can call me Justine.

I have been interested in crossdressing since I was just a wee thirteen year old, but have only participated in it actively and well since July of 2012. And by that, I mean since I took the bold step of telling my girlfriend about my now not-so-secret hobby.

I think, for a beginner, I’ve been doing a pretty good job. I’m afraid I won’t be posting any pictures at the moment, though, as I am employed with a fairly public job that would probably scrutinize me in one way or another for crossdressing.

Regardless, one of the first things I did after coming out to my girlfriend was read My Husband Betty by Helen Boyd. This eye-opening book, along other blogs by some well-versed CDs, has inspired me to write my own blog.

The prevalent idea of the “weird transvestite” in American culture, that is, a crossdresser who serves as comic-relief and is not taken seriously, is one that bothers me. Let me make the clear, I have no problem with drag queens, Rocky Horror, or Dame Edna, but I feel as if the traditional crossdresser is under-represented, and to some, doesn’t even exist.

I want to change that – show people that you can be a crossdresser who leads a normal, healthy life – one that is in fact advanced by what is sometimes a layer of makeup or a cute dress. (I realize there is some hypocrisy in saying this, but not posting a picture of myself. Perhaps one day, with more job security, I will warm on this issue. *cough*tenure*cough*)

With all that said, I hope you enjoy reading this. Please note that the first five entries (not including this) were written prior to this wordpress account. Some entries may be G-rated, others R. Read at your own risk. I hope to entertain and educate, providing a clear picture of who a young, modern day, still slightly-closeted crossdresser really is.

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